Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Updates

Well, I have been pretty pathetic at posting. Lots has been going on both on the riding and knitting front. No pictures right now, but I will get some up the next time.
Knitting Stuff
I am participating in ISE 4 at the moment. It just started and I have rec'd my partners info. She is a veteran ISE participant--this is her third one! I am glad to get someone I think will be appreciative this time (yes, still a little miffed about the Canadian...). I am thinking about something in bright pink or variegated spring colors. It doesn't seem right to work in 100% wool when the bulbs are finally peeking their heads up through the soil. AAAH, spring is finally here!
I am also working on FETCHING from ( These are hand warmers with some cabling. I figured these will be good for cool spring days so I won't have to keep wearing gloves. Truly, I am sick to death of my winter gear.
The sampler afghan I am creating is coming along as well. I am knitting 8 X 8 squares in a variety of patterns that I find interesting. My goal is to write out the pattern when I am done and maybe even post it here. Most of the stitch patterns are coming from the Vogue Stitchinary or some other stitch library that I have.
Riding Stuff
Rio's leg has healed up nicely from here injury right before x-mas. You can hardly see where the stitches were and she now lets me touch the spot without trying to kick me in the head! I am glad to have that and the HUGE vet bill behind me.
We have lots of plans for this Spring:
1. Equine Affaire: Brenda and I were chosen to participate in some demo clinics at the Equine Affaire ( April 12-15th. I am in the Suzanne Sheppard/Bob Jeffreys clinics on trail riding Thursday and Friday. Brenda is in the Friday clinic with me and Brenda Imus' gaited horse clinics on Saturday and Sunday. I am trying not to be too nervous about it. I think Rio will do just fine....what a new experience for us.
2.. 4-H: Connor is in 4-H this year. His project will be something horse related and I am hoping that he decides to participate in the show in the fall. He seems interested in Showmanship or maybe the walk, trot classes. When he found out he could win money, his interest really increased.
3. Clinics: I am attending the Clinton Anderson ( clinic in April as a spectator and as a participant in May in his apprentice-run clinic. This should really help me pull together the exercises for respect that we have been working on. The clinic in May is 3 days in length.
4. OQHA Trail Ride: We signed up for the Quarter Horse Ass'n ( trail ride that is held in the Hocking Hills area in June. There should be a ton of riders. This will be our first big trail ride...again, I think Rio will do just fine but I am nervous nonetheless.
I am hoping that all of these various experiences will help me continue to gain confidence as a rider and owner.
We are off to Chicago for Spring Break with the kids for a few days. The weather is supposed to be okay. I am looking forward to hitting some yarn stores and getting some knitting done in the car.