Friday, November 09, 2007

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Update on Lots of things

I have been woefully behind in posting. Not from lack of things to post about, just not enough time or motivation to get stuff out here.
On the Knitting Front:
ISE4 has come and gone. I had a much better experience this time. I knit for a lady in No. VA. I ended up making up my own pattern and used a cotton yarn so that she could possibly wear it in warmer weather. She very nicely posted her thanks on the blog.
My partner overwhelmed me with her generosity. Here is a pic of what she sent. Amazing scarf and a ton of goodies.

I have a variety of WIP's and a shawl that I finished recently. No pics of those. Can you tell that the knitting is not taking priority right now? It must be the weather.

RIDING: We had really good experience at the Equine Affaire. Rio and Dancer did quite well in the classes we were in. I was so nervous I thought I was going to throw up but as always, Rio saw me through with no major incidents.

We went to Clinton Anderson's place over Mother's Day weekend. It was supposed to be an apprentice-run clinic but the apprentice could not make it so we were LUCKY, LUCKY and got Clinton for the whole weekend. That was an absolutely incredible experience. Here we are with Clinton!

This weekend was the Ohio Quarter Horse Association charity ride in the Hocking Hills. Yet another great time. The trails were like nothing we have ever been on. Lots of straight down's and straight ups. At times I just hung on and prayed we would make it. Once again, Rio did a great job. The people we were riding with commented on how good she is. She went through mud, water, up hills and down with no complaints!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Updates

Well, I have been pretty pathetic at posting. Lots has been going on both on the riding and knitting front. No pictures right now, but I will get some up the next time.
Knitting Stuff
I am participating in ISE 4 at the moment. It just started and I have rec'd my partners info. She is a veteran ISE participant--this is her third one! I am glad to get someone I think will be appreciative this time (yes, still a little miffed about the Canadian...). I am thinking about something in bright pink or variegated spring colors. It doesn't seem right to work in 100% wool when the bulbs are finally peeking their heads up through the soil. AAAH, spring is finally here!
I am also working on FETCHING from ( These are hand warmers with some cabling. I figured these will be good for cool spring days so I won't have to keep wearing gloves. Truly, I am sick to death of my winter gear.
The sampler afghan I am creating is coming along as well. I am knitting 8 X 8 squares in a variety of patterns that I find interesting. My goal is to write out the pattern when I am done and maybe even post it here. Most of the stitch patterns are coming from the Vogue Stitchinary or some other stitch library that I have.
Riding Stuff
Rio's leg has healed up nicely from here injury right before x-mas. You can hardly see where the stitches were and she now lets me touch the spot without trying to kick me in the head! I am glad to have that and the HUGE vet bill behind me.
We have lots of plans for this Spring:
1. Equine Affaire: Brenda and I were chosen to participate in some demo clinics at the Equine Affaire ( April 12-15th. I am in the Suzanne Sheppard/Bob Jeffreys clinics on trail riding Thursday and Friday. Brenda is in the Friday clinic with me and Brenda Imus' gaited horse clinics on Saturday and Sunday. I am trying not to be too nervous about it. I think Rio will do just fine....what a new experience for us.
2.. 4-H: Connor is in 4-H this year. His project will be something horse related and I am hoping that he decides to participate in the show in the fall. He seems interested in Showmanship or maybe the walk, trot classes. When he found out he could win money, his interest really increased.
3. Clinics: I am attending the Clinton Anderson ( clinic in April as a spectator and as a participant in May in his apprentice-run clinic. This should really help me pull together the exercises for respect that we have been working on. The clinic in May is 3 days in length.
4. OQHA Trail Ride: We signed up for the Quarter Horse Ass'n ( trail ride that is held in the Hocking Hills area in June. There should be a ton of riders. This will be our first big trail ride...again, I think Rio will do just fine but I am nervous nonetheless.
I am hoping that all of these various experiences will help me continue to gain confidence as a rider and owner.
We are off to Chicago for Spring Break with the kids for a few days. The weather is supposed to be okay. I am looking forward to hitting some yarn stores and getting some knitting done in the car.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Irish Hiking scarf in progress. I have about 2 more feet to go. This one is for Jeff. Knit in Patons Classic Merino on size 8 needles.
My first MITTENS! Notice anything? Yes, they are both LEFT mittens...DUH. These are going to be for my mitten exchange pal. Since I need to have them mailed out by November 30th, I have started the second (hopefully the RIGHT one this time).
Second (well, actually third) mitten on the needles. I am thankfully done with the cuff.

Today is the day before Thanksgiving. I am working from home this morning. I hope to get at least four things off my to-do list so I will feel less guilty taking the afternoon off.

Friday, November 10, 2006

New stuff I am working on

I am about halfway done with the Irish Hiking Scarf for Jeff. It is knit from Patons Classic Wool-merino. It is knitting up exactly as I had hoped. I am a bit scattered on the knitting front as I am also knitting a scarf for our office scarf exchange and mittens for the Mittensdeuce swap. Not having made mittens before, I am worried that they will not turn out very good. I finally found a "bright" variegated yarn (swapee had said bright colors were preferred) that I am happy with. Maybe I put one on the needles this weekend.
I am perplexed by the fact that over the last year, I have spent alot of money on yarn but never seem to have what I need when the mood for a certain project strikes me. My new goal is to only buy yarn when I am ready to start a certain project and to only buy the yarn I need for that project. Not sure how long that will last!
I still have a couple of UFO's. I wish I could figure out how people put the sidebar with their UFO lists on them. Someday when I have a spare 1/2 hour, I will research how to do that!
Anyway, cotton cables afghan is still in the works. I have three out of the ten strips completed but gave up on that one for awhile.
The Adrienne Vittadini sweater is still in progress with one sleeve still on the needles. I completed the back but the two front pieces are going to be a challenge so I have set it aside until I am in the mood.
I am disappointed that my International Scarf Exchange pal STILL has not said thank you or any response about receiving the Lacy Kerchief scarf I knit for her. ARGH!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Pictures of my completed ISE3 scarf

Cutest puppy ever! This is Dusty, our Australian Shepard/Lab mix. She turned 4 months old on the 19th.

Here they are finally. Knit from Jo Sharp dk wool in rust. It turned out lovely if I do say so myself.

Good day yesterday

Horse Stuff
Worked with Rio the last couple of days. Yesterday, she was like a different horse altogether. Calm, collected, attentive....I could hardly believe it was her. She was okay on Friday night--not great. She was still walking away with me upon mounting and was pretty pissy with Dancer in the arena. Last night--totally different. I worked on the ground with her a bit--the usual exercises. Then I worked on her bending at the neck without moving.
I read some articles yesterday about establishing dominance and being the "herd leader". I tried some of the tips. Afterward, for about 10 minutes, I walked around the arena and she followed me and mirrored my steps exactly! That was really cool. She was licking her lips (a sign of submission) and even stopped when I did. Not sure what button I pushed, but I will try some of the same things next time.
When I went to get on her, she didn't take one step. Even after I was on, she waited for my cue. She was quiet and responsive in the ring and didn't put her ears back at Dancer once. She was relaxed in the cross-ties and seemed as content as can be. Hmmmm.
Knitting Stuff
Mailed my ISE3 scarf to my pal who lives in Canada. I really have not "connected" all that well with her as her answers to my emails have been, well, rather short--not very chatty. From her blog, she seems to be into knitting and seems to have a good personality. Maybe she isn't a good email communicator-oh, well. I sent her a message yesterday that her scarf was put in the mail on Saturday, October 14th. I would have thought she would have gotten it by now. I keep checking the blog to see if she posts that she got it.
On the flip side, my pal who is knitting from me has been great. I have heard from her several times. She has finished my scarf and mailed it off. She told me today that it should take about a week since she is in another cool is that? (okay, I just said cool twice this very valley girl of me). I keep checking my mail everyday with my breath held.
I joined a mitten swap, too. I have not been assigned my pal yet but expect this will happen any day. I guess I need to practice before I make some unsuspecting person the victim of my first pair of mittens. At least I am somewhat better than last year at knitting.

Friday, October 13, 2006

My very first post!

I figured I should just get rolling on posting rather than waiting to get the format perfectly. I look at all these other blogs and wonder how in the world so many people have figured out to do so many things with their blogs.
Updates in the world of riding: Rio and I attended a horsemanship clinic earlier in the month. It was really helpful for me but now I have even more doubts that I am doing ANYTHING right. I will keep practicing my new "tools" and see if she gets better. Her vet diagnosed her with "heel pain" another name for anything related to issues with the navicular bone. The farrier came today to see if evening out her hooves would help any. It will require a little close watching to see if anything else might need to be done.

On the knitting front, I finished my scarf for my International Scarf Exchange pal. It turned out beautifully. I will post pictures once I can figure out how to get the new pics off of the camera. My next project is Forbes Forest Scarf from Scarf Style--having problem with the chart on this one.