Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Good day yesterday

Horse Stuff
Worked with Rio the last couple of days. Yesterday, she was like a different horse altogether. Calm, collected, attentive....I could hardly believe it was her. She was okay on Friday night--not great. She was still walking away with me upon mounting and was pretty pissy with Dancer in the arena. Last night--totally different. I worked on the ground with her a bit--the usual exercises. Then I worked on her bending at the neck without moving.
I read some articles yesterday about establishing dominance and being the "herd leader". I tried some of the tips. Afterward, for about 10 minutes, I walked around the arena and she followed me and mirrored my steps exactly! That was really cool. She was licking her lips (a sign of submission) and even stopped when I did. Not sure what button I pushed, but I will try some of the same things next time.
When I went to get on her, she didn't take one step. Even after I was on, she waited for my cue. She was quiet and responsive in the ring and didn't put her ears back at Dancer once. She was relaxed in the cross-ties and seemed as content as can be. Hmmmm.
Knitting Stuff
Mailed my ISE3 scarf to my pal who lives in Canada. I really have not "connected" all that well with her as her answers to my emails have been, well, rather short--not very chatty. From her blog, she seems to be into knitting and seems to have a good personality. Maybe she isn't a good email communicator-oh, well. I sent her a message yesterday that her scarf was put in the mail on Saturday, October 14th. I would have thought she would have gotten it by now. I keep checking the blog to see if she posts that she got it.
On the flip side, my pal who is knitting from me has been great. I have heard from her several times. She has finished my scarf and mailed it off. She told me today that it should take about a week since she is in another country...how cool is that? (okay, I just said cool twice this morning..how very valley girl of me). I keep checking my mail everyday with my breath held.
I joined a mitten swap, too. I have not been assigned my pal yet but expect this will happen any day. I guess I need to practice before I make some unsuspecting person the victim of my first pair of mittens. At least I am somewhat better than last year at knitting.


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