Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Update on Lots of things

I have been woefully behind in posting. Not from lack of things to post about, just not enough time or motivation to get stuff out here.
On the Knitting Front:
ISE4 has come and gone. I had a much better experience this time. I knit for a lady in No. VA. I ended up making up my own pattern and used a cotton yarn so that she could possibly wear it in warmer weather. She very nicely posted her thanks on the blog.
My partner overwhelmed me with her generosity. Here is a pic of what she sent. Amazing scarf and a ton of goodies.

I have a variety of WIP's and a shawl that I finished recently. No pics of those. Can you tell that the knitting is not taking priority right now? It must be the weather.

RIDING: We had really good experience at the Equine Affaire. Rio and Dancer did quite well in the classes we were in. I was so nervous I thought I was going to throw up but as always, Rio saw me through with no major incidents.

We went to Clinton Anderson's place over Mother's Day weekend. It was supposed to be an apprentice-run clinic but the apprentice could not make it so we were LUCKY, LUCKY and got Clinton for the whole weekend. That was an absolutely incredible experience. Here we are with Clinton!

This weekend was the Ohio Quarter Horse Association charity ride in the Hocking Hills. Yet another great time. The trails were like nothing we have ever been on. Lots of straight down's and straight ups. At times I just hung on and prayed we would make it. Once again, Rio did a great job. The people we were riding with commented on how good she is. She went through mud, water, up hills and down with no complaints!


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